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One of the things that isn’t spoken about much when you hear about these software immersion programs is the personal growth that comes with them. Of course during the past 6 weeks I have become far more proficient at Javascript, it’s various frameworks and overall web development, but there is something deeper that happens to you when you choose to commit to 70 hours a week of hardcore development.

In my first few weeks at Hack Reactor I had felt pretty much the same as I did going in. I was relatively cheery, upbeat and just ready to learn at any given moment. That has not changed one bit 6 weeks down the line, but I have another desire inside of me. I have found that at any interpersonal junctures I find myself in, I am always reflecting on how I can use this to make me grow into a better human being. It sounds crazy to say that this has happend just as a result of Hack Reactor, but pushing yourself to the limits on the daily basis with ~25 other people doing the exact same thing is eye opening.

My relationship with myself has changed a lot. I am much more reflective on why I engage in certain behaviors and if I don’t like them, I start to work on changing them. I set goals for myself that are not related to my career, but my life, relationships and happiness. Hack Reactor has helped me to learn how to be okay with failure and not to let it beat you down, but instead to lift you up. It is in the hardest of failures that you learn the most about how to succeed next time. And each time you fail (and you will fail), you begin to realize that it doesn’t really hurt that bad and even when you’re tired and just feel like giving up, you still came out on the other end, smiling.

It’s a bit hard for me to articulate this but honestly my relationships to other people outside of Hack Reactor have flourished since the beginning. I strive to communicate effectively and to understand the what the other party is going through even if the given situation is tough for me as well. I have become even more concientious of my loved ones and what they need from me in their lives, as well as what I need from them. My appreciation for everyone in my life has grown immensely.

It’s a bit cliche, but you really don’t know what you have until you don’t have it. The emotional and personal struggle you engage with yourself in such a rigid setting really teaches you a lot about yourself and what really matters at the end of a long day. Yes, I do still have my friends and family, but suddenly when you are unavailable for most of the time, you start to see who is really there holding you up. I know every single important person in my life would say that I could have gotten this far without them, but I am here to say that I am sincere in saying that I could not. I would not be here right where I am if it were not for the people that love me on a daily basis and that is not something I will ever forget.

Thank you to everyone who means something to me.

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