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I am currently in a position where I am able to spend a significant amount of time on projects other than my day job. I work on contract as a full stack developer but I don’t need to do too much with the backend on this project because it’s fairly straight forward. I’m hoping to continue to be curious about the field of technology and advance in my career as a software developer. Hopefully some of the skills I pick up here will help to really boost me to new heights with programming. And with that out of the way, I decided to add a few things to my todo list! I wanted to pick a few projects within the software realm so I picked 3 areas I’d like to dabble in:

  • Backend/functional programming
  • Game Development
  • Some frontend advancement

The Meat

I’ve wanted a reason to get more into backend development and I’m deciding to follow a random motivational whim to study Elixir. At first I wasn’t too sure but the resources over at Alcemist Camp from a fellow Hack Reactor grad gave me some food for thought and … I chose to stop thinking and just give it a go!

Then I decided I needed something fun to break the monotony of doing exactly what I’m doing at work. So I’m picking up game development. I have no illusions about the difficulty of making anything good in particular, but I’m trying this new thing where I just go for what I want to do regardless of perfection. The first day has been a piece of cake…

I have slowly been practicing non-digital art as well just to give my mind more to do during the weeks. I hope to find a nice middle point between art and development. Whether that is in making games or something else entirely is up in the air! Not there, don’t care! Regardless, I found a cute program called MagicaVoxel that allows you to make beautiful 3D voxel art in no time! Once I bang out a few unity tutorial games I hope to make some simple phone games with my own art even if it’s really, really shitty.

Lastly, I wanted to do something to further my strongest skill: frontend development. I have not yet decided on what topic to study more but I suspect it will be either CSS animation or a typescript class. But who knows? Tomorrows career anxieties brings on new ideas of what I absolutely need to be doing to stay relevant in this field.

This blog is the last piece of the puzzle! Somewhere to keep myself honest. At this point these are just text files on my computer and for all I know will never make it onto a live blog. But once again, I need to just push forward and pave a way I know that will work for me.

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